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Our Culture

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Our research group embraces human and intellectual diversity. We are a collaborative, cross-disciplinary, and culturally diverse research group that works on fundamental and applied research topics at the interface of experimental rock physics and geomaterials. We collaborate outside the group to think across disciplines and address research challenges that are relevant to the geophysical monitoring of Earth, energy production activities, and the engineering of new geomaterials. We value inquisitive and relentlessly curious students who explore novel research ideas and produce impactful scholarship. We evaluate students’ learning impartially based on academic performance. Students are requested to embrace the ethical principles and values shared in the group, and understand that knowledge is the most important goal and people the most valuable resource.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity ― Seneca, Natural Questions

Core Values: Science is the Drive, Imagination is limitless, We have one Home only, We are all Earth citizens, Diversity is strength, Seize the moment, Integrity never fails, Determination is Key, Kindness is magic