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Associate Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Tiziana Vanorio

Associate Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Tiziana Vanorio is an Associate Professor in the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, School of Sustainability, where she leads the Rock Physics and Geomaterials Laboratory. Her research integrates laboratory experiments with analytical techniques to investigate the physical and mechanical properties of rocks and geomaterials. Exploring the influence of composite structures on properties across various scales, from microstructural features to bulk properties, is the focal point of her program. Her group applies this understanding to study new processes for engineering both the subsurface and materials, such as enhancing CO2 reuse through accelerated mineralization techniques, studying the main engine of naturally occurring hydrogen, and replicating natural cementation processes and fibrous nanostructures. These efforts are positioned to enhance resource efficiency as well as advancing towards an energy-efficient future and a more sustainable cement industry.

            Tiziana is the first female scientist to receive the Alfred Wegener award, which is  presented to a member of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) who has made an outstanding contribution to scientific and technical advancement in Petroleum Geoscience and Engineering.